For well over the past decade, The RAINFOREST FOUNDATION has been on a spin campaign.
It is the nature of the organization going back to its very inception.

The spin began at the beginning, in a voluntary and intentional effort by Sting and his cohorts to exploit the issue of the destruction of the Amazon rainforest for their selfish interests. Interestingly, to the professional scam artist, this would be known as a "sting".

This effort was first exposed in the French edition of ROLLING STONE magazine by American journalist Mark F Zeller.

Zeller's ROLLING STONE story lead to a series of exposés in other European publications, then a widely broadcast investigation by GRANADA TELEVISION in England. That program, WORLD IN ACTION, was also shown in the United States on A&E in a documentary hosted by Bill Kurtis.

The charges against The Rainforest Foundation and its founders were significant. Specifically, there were charges of theft, fraud, dishonesty, and intentional misstatements of truth. An official British Government regulatory authority review of the charges made in the World in Action program found them to be true.

Sting and his co-founders, with the truth exposed, needed 'damage control'. They tried to explain that the lies which they had told were just "innocent" mistakes. However, the big goal to create the image of Sting as the savior of the Amazon was tarnished, his egomaniacal dream of winning a Nobel Prize irrevocably destroyed. Or was it?...

Unrepentant liars, the spin went on. One of the founders, Jean Pierre Dutilleux, took most of the blame and officially removed himself from The Rainforest Foundation. They carved up the empire, Dutilleux taking control of the French-speaking Rainforest Foundations (in French, called Association pour le Forêt Vierge or Association for the Virgin Forest, but in English renamed The Rainforest Association), while Sting and Trudie Styler kept the English-speaking ones.

Bailing out would be a public admission of failure for Sting, so his Rainforest Foundation laid low for several years, reducing its public profile. The level of donations dropped as the media, wary of the exposed malfeasance, reduced coverage.

As the years passed, damage control continued, with Sting taking a much lower personal involvement as he concentrated on his music and its revenues. The Rainforest Foundation continued on, garnering donations from the uninformed, the faithful fans, and those wanting to meet or please the celebrity. Minor 'humanitarian' projects in a few developing countries were financially backed by The Rainforest Foundation, in order to show their goodwill. Meanwhile, a huge proportion of the donated monies went to support lavish offices and staffs in major cities like New York and London, far removed from those in need, all touting Sting and Trudie Styler as concerned humanitarians in their press releases.

Dutilleux continued to work the French market, installing friends and family as directors of his "Rainforest Associations". For Dutilleux, exploiting the plight of the indigenous peoples had long become his revenue generator. He produced television shows decrying the plight of the indians and sold coffee-table books filled with his photographs of the natives in their natural habitat.

He is the indigenous people's paparrazzi, chasing them down with a camera in order to earn money selling them out. Much like a Brazilian giampero, he discovered that there is a lot of gold to be mined from the rainforest.

AMAZINGLY, the past has been nearly forgotten, paved over by the revisionist publicists and star-struck sycophants. Sting, having luckily escaped indictment, is today lauded and rewarded for his humanitarian work.

In due recognition of the significance of the words of George Santayana

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it"
this site is created.

In memory of the lost world of the Yanomami, this site is dedicated.

What is included here are proven allegations repeatedly published and broadcast around the world.

Sadly, some people fail to remember the past. This is to remind them.