In late 1990, Sting was busy telling everyone who would listen that the destruction of the Amazon rainforest could be stopped by contributing money to an international charity called The Rainforest Foundation. It was a major media hype.

Sting conveniently did not mention that The Rainforest Foundation was founded by himself, his girlfriend Trudie Styler, and a friend named Jean Pierre Dutilleux. Nor did he mention that the main office for the charity was Sting's house in London.

He went on a worldwide publicity tour accompanied by a Amazon indian named Raoni, chief of the Kayapo tribe. There was Raoni, sporting a feather headress and a big wooden disc in his lower lip, accompanied by rock star Sting, the savior of the Amazon, meeting with Presidents, Kings and other world notables.

Sting in the press. Sting in pictures.

Sting on the radio. Sting on T.V.

Sting in London. Sting in Paris. Sting in New York.

The Sting Sting.

Sting made a television commercial.
The television commercial was mostly broadcast free of charge as it was for a charitable foundation. And it was broadcast all around the world. Sting recorded it in seven languages, reading them phonetically off a teleprompter so he didn't have to actually learn the language. Using all the techniques of professional advertising imagery, it was slick, it was fast, and it went like this:

It opens with Sting, then photos of Sting with the native Amazon indians, then Sting showing maps of possible projected deforestation. There is a cut to stock footage of floods and other disasters while Sting gives the voice-over:
“The faster the forest burns, the quicker the planet warms up....the greenhouse effect... earthquakes... hurricanes... droughts... famines...
I am worried... What are we leaving for our children?
If you want to protect the rainforest for the indians and for your children and grandchildren, you can help create vast Amazon National Parks (like in the USA or Africa) by making a donation to The Rainforest Foundation before it’s too late. It’s up to us...Now..”

Then a local address for The Rainforest Foundation would flash on the screen where you could send your cash donation.
Sting clearly states that the money would help to create "vast Amazon national parks" in the Amazon jungle.

A detailed investigation for ROLLING STONE magazine proved that, in fact, the land which The Rainforest Foundation claimed as the target of their protective 'demarcation' consisted of the Xingu National Park (of which Raoni’s nephew was the Director) and the adjacent territories of several indigenous indian tribes whose land was already legally protected under the terms of the Brazilian Constitution.

In fact, the boundaries of the Xingu National Park were already marked (demarcated), with signs posted and, in fact, under Brazilian law the boundaries of the other indigenous indian lands were to be marked within the next five years.

And protecting the rainforest for the indians?

Under Brazilian law, the native indigenous inhabitants of the rainforest are, in common English law terms, 'wards of the state'. Outsiders are prohibited from contacting them, although this is impossible to enforce. Outsiders are also legally prohibited from giving them money, gifts, and other influences. While the Brazilian land invaders and gold miners pay this law no heed at all, it is still a law and foreigners laying designs to "protect the indians" are the first ones who are going to be intercepted.

SO, it was a clear and obvious reality to Sting that the money he was claiming would go for ‘demarcation’ would have to be given to the Brazilian government if demarcation was actually an objective they wanted to achieve. And if the goal was to "protect the indians" the money would have to be turned over to Fundacao Nacional do Indio (FUNAI), a department of the Ministry of the Interior, which is the legal trustee that oversees all native indian affairs.

Sting was fully aware of that.

Then what is the real reason for trying to convince everyone that the goal was to create “a vast Amazon National Park”?

Sting revealed what he and Dutilleux told a Brazilian government official in charge of indian affairs who questioned their 'demarcation' ruse. They wanted to get Raoni a passport and needed the FUNAI official's approval so the chief could join the world tour. They explained that ”the Foundation needs a project that will capture people’s imagination. If we do that we can raise a lot of money, but we need the demarcation.”


The fact is clear that Sting knew in advance that the demarcation issue was fraudulant and that the goal of the foundation was neither demarcation nor protecting the indians. The goal was getting the money.

And who revealed that fraud was Sting's goal? Sting himself. He stupidly included that revelation on pages 126-127 in the book "Jungle Stories: Fight For The Amazon", published as a revenue generator for The Rainforest Foundation. In a spot of genius, they quickly decided to let the book go "sadly out of print".

But that's not all. Take a look at that commercial again. Picture the images flashing by. Read the dialogue. Pretend you are Gordon Sumner facing the camera, looking concerned:

“The faster the forest burns, the quicker the planet warms up....the greenhouse effect...... earthquakes... hurricanes.... droughts... famines... I am worried”

Now wait a second.

Could Sting actually be so stupid as to think that the burning of the rainforest causes earthquakes? Or Droughts? Or Famines?


But when confronted on the issue, he admitted his lies. See the next section in this website. NEXT>>